OAKRIDGE, France 2030 “Innovative Nuclear Reactors” winner

As part of the nuclear component of France 2030, Oakridge has been named winner of the “Innovative Nuclear Reactors” for the PROXIMA project. Oakridge, as a leading international player in consulting engineering in the nuclear sector, will use its cutting-edge expertise in nuclear safety to support the emergence of the Small Modular Reactor (SMR) sector.


the proxima project


From now until 2025, Oakridge will be helping to demonstrate the

Thorizon Small Modular Reactor artist view
Credit : Thorizon

feasibility of Thorizon One, an innovative 250 MWth molten-salt reactor. Oakridge will focus its work on the safety and operational aspects of the reactor.

The project will be carried out within the consortium formed by the alliance between the Thorizon start-up, the Orano group, the Ecole Centrale de Lille, the Université de Lille and Oakridge. The project will focus on the Thorizon One concept.

The patented Thorizon One technology stems from the innovation of the Dutch start-up Thorizon, namely modular cartridges containing molten salt, which serve as fuel and cooling salt. The reactor aims to generate 100 MWe of power by recycling “used” nuclear fuel from pressurized water reactors into new fuel.

To enable the development of this low-carbon, circular solution, the members of the consortium will work hand in hand and benefit from the support of the CEA.




This project highlights the Oakridge’s European roots and its ambition to enable the development of innovative, safe, cost-effective nuclear solutions with short time-to-market. Oakridge thus confirms its role within the French and European Small Modular Reactor (SMR) communities. Ultimately, SMRs should enable a decarbonized energy supply for the benefit of industry and the general public.

Cyrille Molina, Chairman and founder of Oakridge, is delighted “that Oakridge is writing a new page in its history as co-designer of the innovative Thorizon One nuclear reactor, alongside Thorizon. Through this collaboration, we will expand our technological knowledge and work closely with Orano, a world leader in the nuclear fuel cycle.”

The France 2030 funding thus obtained will enable Oakridge to increase its activity and development.