Oakridge, an independent private firm, advises its customers in the nuclear sector with no conflict of interests.

Its consultants are involved in the project from start to finish, working with customers, showing open-mindedness and an ability to share knowledge with their counterparts.
Oakridge engineers therefore aim to ensure customer satisfaction, in order to maintain a long-lasting and balanced relationship. For this reason, they attempt to offer a high quality, on-time service at a competitive rate.

In a world where the nuclear sector is facing a skills shortage, the international network of Oakridge provides additional resources for the large-scale projects managed by our teams. On this basis, our ability to select suitable teams and source experts has been demonstrated, not only for new EPR projects, but also for engineering projects on operating nuclear fleet, both in France and abroad, as well as for ESKOM in South Africa and KHNP in South Korea.

Finally, the R&D initiatives carried out by OAKRIDGE improve the knowledge and efficiency of the technological solutions proposed by its teams.


Since the start of the EPR project, some of Oakridge's engineers have helped with the design of EPR systems, while others have managed equipment contracts on behalf of SOFINEL (EDF/AREVA).

"Oakridge has been involved in EPR projects since 2004"


Oakridge can boast extensive engineering experience on the facilities used by EDF. This feedback from experience is appreciated at Koeberg in South Africa, where ESKOM operates 2 reactors constructed by Framatome. Thanks to their knowledge of PWRs designed in France and their experience of the practices of various operators around the world, Oakridge engineers are custodians of unique know-how, guaranteeing added value for our customers.


The Fukushima event reminded operators that assessing and reducing external risks are key factors.

Oakridge has extensive experience in nuclear safety gained with IRSN, particularly via nuclear safety report assessments. We also carry out audits on customer sites in order to assess their Safety culture and practices.