WNE – World Nuclear Exhibition 2018

Wne 2018 results

Along with well-established nuclear companies such as EDF, Orano, Framatome, Atmea, Rosatom, KHNP, Rolls-Royce, from June 26 to 28 Oakridge has exposed at the World Nuclear Exhibition 2018.

The number of the participants of the 3-d edition of WNE is really impressive: 680 exhibitors (including 40% international) and 22000 visitors (including 33% foreigners).

We rented a little but well-placed booth* within the French Pavilion.

The first day of the exhibition was full of events involving Oakridge engineers, clients (such as Edvance), partners and a large number of WNE exhibitors and visitors.  

However, the key event was the Oakridge 15-th anniversary ceremony, where the President and the founder of the company – Mr Molina – held a speech pointing out the milestones of the firm’s development. It was mentioned that last 3 years Oakridge is showing a rapid growth (the turnover increased from 2.8 million € in 2015 to 4.7 million € in 2017 and the international projects’ share has tripled).

The CEO of ATMEA also honored us with a speech during the ceremony.

Throughout the 3 days of the WNE we have signed 4 MOUs (Memorandum of understanding) with our partners from UK, India and France.

The World Nuclear Exhibition 2018 participation was really successful for Oakridge: all aims were reached and expectations were exceeded (for instance, concerning the number of visitors of our booth).

We are proud to mention that the communication and the visibility of the Oakridge’s booth have been recognized amongst the best within the French Pavilion.

We have raised the bar for future exhibitions.

So, don’t miss the WNE 2020!


About oakridge's communication at the wne 2018


* The design of the Oakridge’s booth was “Polar cold” with the icy blue walls and “frozen sea” carpet.

However, the main element of the Oakridge’s communication was the real stuffed polar bear, which attracted a lot of attention to our booth and high curiosity in the message we wanted to transmit.

The polar bear was there to make visitors more aware about the global warming: “By being involved in the nuclear industry every day you help to save the planet”.


Why is that so? Well, the explication is simple: Greenhouse gas emissions from nuclear are much less than emissions from other sources (38 times less than from lignite, 32 times less than from coal, and even 2 times less than biomass*). So, a development of the civil nuclear sector will help to prevent climate change and to save endangered species of animals, such as polar bear and its’ habitat.

A large number of additional advertisement tools (such as onsite posters, RER exit poster, polar bear anti-stress toys) helped to spread the message as well.

*2011 WNA Report (Tons CO²/GWh)


If you have visited oakridge's booth at the wne 2018, let us know what you think about our communication 



Several events occured with our French and foreign partners, at our booth (H148):

  • Signature of a MOU with the British company Frazer-Nash Consultancy, as part of our cross-channel partnership;
  • Celebration of the successful partnership between OAKRIDGE and INGELIANCE in several NPPs;
  • Breakfast on the theme of commissioning;
  • Signature of the alliance for effective local engineering on the Jaitapur project: OAKRIDGE / RELSAFE / EKIUM / CONSULTEC;
  • Signature of a MOU with RELSAFE for global cooperation;
  • Afternoon break with, on the theme OAKRIDGE 2021, vision of the future;
  • Cocktail "first criticality in Taishan", in the presence of Chinese guests;
  • Finally, a stand-up speech has been delivered at the France Lounge (J100), in order to launch of our PSA training academy!



WNE is...

... Resolutely international

... Business-oriented

... Covering the whole nuclear energy field

... Offering high-level panel discussions as well as exhibitor workshops with networking sessions